Shenzhen to Hong Kong

It’s a hot and humid, sunny and sweaty day to be leaving Shenzhen.

Managed to buy a Sim card for Hong Kong, thanks to the kind help of a nice young lady at Futian Check-Point.  Now to find my way to 香港 (Hong Kong).

I don’t know if I should … See more...

Hong Kong Day 1

Having settled into my hotel, I set off in search of A, LM and RK.  They were up at the Peak and we arranged to meet when they came back down.  So I went over to the Tram station.

Arriving here I noticed a park, Hong Kong Park, and decided … See more...

The Peak

This morning I had a look around the area local to my hotel to try to find a barber’s or hairdresser.  Surprised to find the prices are similar, and in some cases more than, UK prices.  Ten times most places in China.  I also popped into HSBC to get a … See more...

Island Tour


A late breakfast.

I had seen a tourist desk in the foyer of my hotel, so I signed up for an island tour. 

In the afternoon I found myself alone on a tour bus, which would visit some other hotels to pick up more guests.

The tour took us … See more...

The Long Journey Home

It’s been a long holiday, but gone so quickly.  It’s time to go home.

Bus to the Hong Kong Airport Express.

The Airport Express is quite a cool system as you check-in for the plane at the station before you even get to the airport.

And we board the plane … See more...