Coffee Station

A much more relaxed day today, although I had a slightly rushed breakfast because I got up late and needed to freshen up, pack and check-out before going to meet Y.  Y met me at the metro and we popped into KFC to meet her parents and her baby girl.  Then we went up to the fourth floor for some not bad Chinese food, and afterwards to Starbucks.  Time flew by, and before we knew it, it was 5pm and I had to head to Beijing West train station to catch my train to Xi’an.

The queue for the ticket office to pickup my ticket was quite long.

Even so I had plenty of time afterwards to do some snack shopping and get take-aways from MacDonald’s and Starbucks (yes, again!) and return to the waiting area for the train.

Train waiting areas in China need more seats.  There is a lot of room to easily fit more in.  In addition, it would be nice if people were less selfish over them.  I saw so many seats being used only to hold bags while so many people are sitting on the floor.  It should be the other way around!

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