Hong Kong Day 1

Having settled into my hotel, I set off in search of A, LM and RK.  They were up at the Peak and we arranged to meet when they came back down.  So I went over to the Tram station.

Arriving here I noticed a park, Hong Kong Park, and decided to look around.  I found a huge aviary inside called the Edward Youde Aviary, which is free to enter, so I had a quick look around.

A messaged me to let me know they were back down, so I went to meet them and we all headed off for dinner.

Friends in Hong Kong… all foreigners here.  It was LM and RK’s first time here too.  Interesting how we all have the same impression about it being dirtier, more crowded and less friendly than China.

In the evening A and her boyfriend, TP, showed me around some of Hong Kong’s shops and markets.

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