Lessons Day 1

My first lesson back in Shinyway School.  A private lesson with JL.  I am so happy to see her, YH and CY again, and finally met ST (briefly) too.  I think with the arrival in Hangzhou, the couple of disappointments yesterday, and the humidity, which I can’t remember being as bad last year, I had forgotten for a moment how much I love it here.  This has certainly reminded me and again made me wonder if I could maybe get a teaching job here.

In the afternoon we had a very interesting lecture about Chinese Characters presented by WT, who also introduced a new keyboard app called ICBoard, which has a novel way of searching for and presenting characters to help Chinese learners.  I don’t think it is everyone’s cup of tea, but worth trying.  Myself, I am used to Google’s Pinyin keyboard now, so I will stick with that.

This evening I met up with JD, who I hadn’t seen since last year, and her fiancé.

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