Lessons Day 2

My first group lesson of the week.  We are six students all at slightly different levels in different areas, I think.  Our teacher, FH, remembered me from YH’s wedding last year.  I took some photos of her during the class.  She thinks they are not very good.  She is probably right.

The guy in the school coffee shop remembered me from last year:  the moment I arrived he said “hello” and straight away started making a hot chocolate before I even asked!

After class, JM had invited me for a meal, and we went to lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant.  My first Taiwanese meal ever!  We had four dishes – one was very nice, although a tiny bit on the spicy side for me, two were bearable, but one was terrible; far too salty.  As usual I forgot to take photos of the meal.  We got a couple of selfies afterwards though, so I can remember what JM looks like, as it might be a long time before I see her again; though there is a possibility she might come to England in October.

I returned to CL’s house, where we played with LJ, and I tried to do my homework.

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