Lessons Day 3

Today has been a very full, emotional day.

Of course it started out with another fun group lesson with teacher FH.

After class I met up with Wei Xiao Wei (微小薇)  who came all the way from Shanghai just to visit me!  We had a really great time together, although most of my communication was poor.  She tried to make a film with me, but I don’t think it worked very well due to my poor Chinese.

This evening I went to the “8090s” group at church.  We had a wonderful prayer time afterwards and I met up with LL and XH.

Afterwards on the way back I bumped into TY, who I had also met here last year.  Its was lovely to catch up with her.

I took a few photos at Qiangjiang Century City and finally, on arriving back at CL’s home, CL presented me with a gift of the DVDs of a couple of Chinese TV drama series: the Story of Yanxi Palace and the Legend of Zhen Huan.

My heart is about to explode.

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