I don’t remember if I commented before on this topic, and I am sure many others have done so, but I feel I cannot pass by this point without doing so myself.

As a Westerner who thinks the standard of public toilets in the UK is bad (I avoid using … See more...

Chengdu To Shanghai

I had to rush a little to get packed and checked out, but the metro station was not far, the trains not too full – in fact line 10 was nearly empty – and so the journey to the airport was easy, and I was checked in and through security … See more...

The Long Journey Home

It’s been a long holiday, but gone so quickly.  It’s time to go home.

Bus to the Hong Kong Airport Express.

The Airport Express is quite a cool system as you check-in for the plane at the station before you even get to the airport.

And we board the plane … See more...