I don’t remember if I commented before on this topic, and I am sure many others have done so, but I feel I cannot pass by this point without doing so myself.

As a Westerner who thinks the standard of public toilets in the UK is bad (I avoid using … See more...

Hangzhou East

Heading to Putian today.  I picked up my train ticket and got through security with an hour to spare.  While waiting in the very short 取票排队 (ticket collection queue) I heard a couple of 外国人 (foreigner) women in front of me say they only had seven minutes…  They went to … See more...


Arriving in Putian.

This is just a “flying visit” to Putian – only here for one night to see EX’s school and get a feel for the place.

Thanks to EX for the welcome, showing me her school, and for arranging a happy meal with her mum and a couple … See more...


This morning it really felt like being in the countryside, rather than a city of nearly 2 million people.  Birds and crickets chirping, chickens clucking, and cockerel crowing.

After breakfast, EX took me to her church, then we had lunch and a look around the university.


Finally, EX drove … See more...

The Long Journey Home

It’s been a long holiday, but gone so quickly.  It’s time to go home.

Bus to the Hong Kong Airport Express.

The Airport Express is quite a cool system as you check-in for the plane at the station before you even get to the airport.

And we board the plane … See more...