Arriving back down from visiting the Great Wall, we were again accosted by drivers wanting to take us back. Ironically, yet perhaps not surprisingly, the price was now double. But I really wanted to get back to town to meet M and Y, so somewhat uncertainly finally decided to take the car. With hindsight, perhaps taking the car in the morning would have been the better (less expensive) option; though I suppose there was still no guarantee that we wouldn’t have to pay again (and perhaps still double) for the return trip. Even though it probably took longer, it felt like less time, and a scary drive later we were dropped off next to the metro station next to the Taiyanggong shopping mall. I said goodbye to YX and watched her head down the escalator of the metro station, then headed inside to meet M and Y on the fourth floor.

Chinese food! I forgot to take photos, or note down names: “Chinese hamburgers”, red-bean paste filled buns, and a sort of beef stew (with potatoes and carrots). All food I could eat and even enjoy! We had a good chat, mostly about M’s interesting job, which basically involves reading lots of books in English! Finally it was time to say goodbye, again. But I will see Y again tomorrow for lunch.

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