The Long Journey Home

It’s been a long holiday, but gone so quickly.  It’s time to go home.

Bus to the Hong Kong Airport Express.

The Airport Express is quite a cool system as you check-in for the plane at the station before you even get to the airport.

And we board the plane from another bus.

Bye bye Hong Kong.  A few hours to land in Beijing.

Because I had booked a return flight to Beijing, and a single from Hong Kong to Beijing, my luggage wasn’t directed through.   The nice check-in lady at the Airport Express check-in desk had tried to arrange to get it transferred, but couldn’t.  So in Beijing I had just a couple of hours to re-enter China in order to collect my luggage, then check in for my next flight and get back through security.  Very happy that the folks at Beijing airport got my luggage to me really quickly, and I got back through with plenty of time to spare.  Even enough time to sit down and have a Starbucks.

Last view of Beijing. Last view of China. 再见。

So now it’s goodbye China, again.  Farewell and God bless to all my friends old and new.  Hope to see you again soon.  


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