The Peak

This morning I had a look around the area local to my hotel to try to find a barber’s or hairdresser.  Surprised to find the prices are similar, and in some cases more than, UK prices.  Ten times most places in China.  I also popped into HSBC to get a bank book updated for my mother.  Only about 17 pence in it.  Not worth doing anything with.

After lunch I met up with A again, and we took the tram to the Peak together.

So we were at Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, with a typhoon coming:


We tried to get right to the top anyway, where I believe the old Peak Hospital used to be.  Unfortunately it seems it is all private up there now, and I couldn’t find a public right of way up there.

Having taken the tram back down, I showed A the park, as she had not been before and didn’t know it was there.  We had about ten minutes to look around the aviary and then went to the Zoological Gardens.

On the way back to the hotel, I found a nice little steak restaurant for dinner.

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