Tip in Pizza Hut

For my evening meal, I went to Pizza Hut again, as the hotel Western restaurant is still out of use.  I decided to have steak and chips this time though.  The staff there were incredibly helpful.  I needed to stay in contact with people as we were organising the meal for tomorrow, but there is no mobile signal in that place, down below ground, so I was trying to connect my mobile to their wi-fi, which needed a mobile number to sign-in.  One of the waitresses helped me find my number, by giving her a missed-call, and then helped me sign-in, and also signed me up to the Pizza Hut WeChat account for discounts and so on.  I tried to leave all three of them a tip; I left some money on the table.  But one of the other waiters ran after me and caught up with me while I was watching the street dancing outside of the shop.  He called me back in and they gave the money back to me.  So it is like my Chinese teacher told me: they are not allowed to take tips in China.

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